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Wood Weave Blinds

Blinds from Natural Materials

A blind manufactured using a material substrate created by weaving yarn made from polyester, natural fibre and combination yards across multiple strips of wood, bamboo, pinoleums and grasses to create a covering that can be fixed to a head and bottom rail to fix to an opening. Typically woven blinds are made from natural materials and can be raised or lowered by a pulley wheel and cord lock systems attached to a timber headrail section although other materials may be used. Occasionally a modified roller shade system may function as the operating system using a chain drive mechanism with wrap spring clutch.

Material Substrate

The woven slats can differ in width and shade and allow natural light to filter through the gaps between them. A variety of shades of natural wood can be achieved in addition to painted finishes to the slats. Yarn can be used to complement or contrast with the slats to aid the design effect of the covering.